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Sat, Oct 21



Sensual Tantric Experience Advanced

Deepen your knowledge of the tantric arts with rituals, meditations and massages. Experience more heart, energy and depth in the encounter with yourself and others. For singles and couples.

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Sensual Tantric Experience Advanced
Sensual Tantric Experience Advanced

Time & Location

Oct 21, 2023, 10:00 a.m. – Oct 22, 2023, 6:00 p.m.

Zurich, Frankentalerstrasse 55, 8049 Zurich, Switzerland


About the event

In this course you will take your previous knowledge of tantra to the next level.

In the meditations and exercises (alone and with a partner) we work with sexual energy, with the chakras and create a sex-heart connection.

The main topics of Tantra, which you got to know in the Sensual Tantra Beginner Course, also concern us in this course:

- Presence and authenticity

- male and female polarity (the archetypes are new)

- energetic dimension and chakras

- Awakening of life energy (sexual energy) and bringing it to the whole body

- Connection of heart and sex chakra

In the Advanced Course we delve deeper into these basic principles of Tantra.

You will get to know advanced tantric exercises, meditations and massages that will expand your horizons of what is possible.

We will also be hosting a Temple Night on Saturday night - a protected and contained space where we can meet sensual and/or sexual (no sex).

"The course is a door opener to deeper connection and sexuality". Jürg.

"I've learned to manage my sexual energy better." Sarah

This course is more intensive and intimate than the beginner course and therefore requires a certain understanding and previous knowledge:

- You should have done the beginner course or other tantra courses

- You should be comfortable with nudity in a group.

- You should feel comfortable awakening your sexual energy (which does not mean engaging in sexual activity!)

- You should have an understanding of how to keep your boundaries and how to communicate

- Some massages will be with intimate touches, although of course, as with any exercise, participants can adjust it to their personal limits.

After we have created a secure basis together by discussing boundaries and having initial encounters with all participants, we carefully immerse ourselves in sensual spaces, nurturing heart encounters, loving touches and energetic spaces of experience.

Such spaces of experience offer you a chance to come into presence with yourself and with other participants, and to be authentically there with everything that is revealed to you in direct experience and feeling. You learn to feel what your individual truth is in every moment, to communicate it and to set limits. In doing so, you primarily come closer to yourself, with your essence and your true needs.

​ This course is aimed at singles and couples, as well as beginners with previous knowledge and advanced students who want to deepen their knowledge and get to know new practices

workshop content

- Partner Breathwork or Belly to Belly

- Meeting rituals from heart to heart

- Tantric rituals and exercises: alone, in pairs or in a group to gain presence and increase energy

- Advanced massages (with intimate touch): 2 different massages are demonstrated and then practiced in pairs

- Chakra work: feel their energy and subject areas, activate them and engage in energetic exchange.

- Body and energy work: to awaken and increase life energy and sensitize body awareness

- Embodiment work of the main archetypes (Dark & Light Masculine, Dark and Light Feminine)

- Energetic penetration

- Temple Night: a protected space where we can meet sensually and/or sexually

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- Dancing: to get out of your head and into your body

- Meditations

- Sharing rounds: to be authentic with and express what is there and to transform the issues

- Self-reflection: as an important part of the transformation process

- Feel and communicate your own limits

- Recognize relationship dynamics and collective issues


"The course was fantastic. I received so many new ideas and very, very valuable experiences. The most amazing teachers." flora

"A very nice and wonderful self-awareness and experience in the group with wonderful, warm-hearted people. I learned a lot about myself and my behavior patterns, and found a better way to deal with my sexual energy. I also learned to feel better and to perceive myself physically. So I'm very grateful." Sarah

"The course is a door opener to deep connection and sexuality." Jürg

"It was fantastic. Everything was perfect. Wow! The workshop with you helped me to lovingly engage with very old patterns and to transform them. We did very nice meditations and exercises. All in all you did a great job to build truly transformative space. Thank you three!" Philip Aeschlimann

"One felt that you were there with all your heart. The course helped me to discover new sexual horizons". Mirco

"The course had a well-timed format. There were enough breaks, relaxation and loosening-up exercises and dance interludes. There was a good mix of practice and theory, with a focus on practice. A nice, safe and informal setting was noticeable. The course was responsibly, gently and with variety."

energy balancing

Price and early bird prices for the November course:

until 01/31/2023: Fr.295.- (saving Fr.85.-)

until 02/20/2023: Fr.345.- (saving Fr.35.-)

from 02/20/2023: CHF 380.-

You get an additional discount if you book the Sensual Tantra Beginner and Advanced course together.

until 02/31/2023: Fr.580.- for both courses (saving Fr.200.-)

until 02/20/2023: Fr.660.- (saving Fr.100.-)

from February 20th, 2023: Fr.700.- (saving Fr.60.-)


  • 8 hours

    Sensual Tantra Advanced

  • 1 day 8 hours

    Sensual Tantra Advanced

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