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For more than 3,500 years, the cactus has been used by many different Andean civilizations for its profound healing properties. This ancient plant medicine opens access to your higher self, a heightened awareness, increased creativity and wisdom. In listening to the silence, the grandfather acts like a channel through which you receive valuable impulses and information about your intentions, the answers you are looking for or the next steps to be taken in your life.

Medicine also offers you the opportunity to work with your shadow and to dig deep into your subconscious and ego to uncover the underlying issues that prevent you from living a life of love, harmony and balance.

Here you can trust in the higher intelligence of the plant and indulge in the journey with it. In a gentle way, the plant always shows you exactly what you should be experiencing and receiving on your individual path as a soul. She will teach you the tools to bring your life back into balance and restore balance to your mind, body and spirit.

When our hearts open with Grandfather, we feel a deep love for ourselves, for others, for Mother Earth, for the Universe and for the great Divine. We receive the space and loving support to free ourselves, to nurture, to receive inspiration, to rediscover our true nature and to find our way and purpose.

Ceremony procedure

We meet at 11 am and start the ceremony with an Opening Circle. After taking the medicine, we will go for a walk, which will help circulate the medicine throughout our system.

During the first hours we will be in silence to listen to our higher self. In the second part we open up the space for music, sharing, interaction. Everyone is free to participate in the group activities or to stay in their own space.

After sunset we go to the indoor location, where we have a grounding meal at around 10:00 p.m. This will reduce the effectiveness of the medicine. The next morning we will have breakfast together and with conclude a Sharing Circle.

tantra zürich tantra massage schweiz tantra online kurs

Upcoming Events

Energy Exchange


Included in the price:

Snacks und 2 Meals

Medicine und Ceremony

Accommodation in the Workshop Space

tantra zürich tantra massage schweiz tantra online kurs
tantra zürich tantra massage schweiz tantra online kurs

My Connection and Experience with Plantmedicine

In the course of my spiritual journey I have encountered different plants such as ayahuasca, mushrooms, san pedro, iboga and bufo. All plants have their own quality and teachings, and working with them has brought lasting positive changes to my being and life. Of all the plants, I had a special bond with my grandfather. When I first came into contact with the cactus in 2017, my whole soul awakened to its truth.

It felt like coming home, penetrating deep into my being and leaving an imprint on me. From then on the access to my true higher self was much more present and deepened with each ceremony.

After numerous ceremonies with my grandfather, I noticed that the essence and wisdom of the plant was becoming more and more integrated into my being. From that point on, I felt a strong call within me to share this wonderful medicine with people. So I started doing ceremonies in Thailand and South Africa for small groups. Since 2021 I have been offering ceremonies in Switzerland. 

I conduct the ceremonies in a ritual setting. This includes: energetic cleaning and protection of the room and the participants, grounding, setting intentions, inviting spirit guides and higher beings to support you, careful and respectful handling of the plant, opening and closing circle.

For the duration of the entire ceremony, I am available to accompany and support individual processes, should this be necessary. Experience has shown that the participants are independent and fully functional in their process, so that little or no support from the ceremony leader is required. However, sometimes it helps to talk about the experiences so that the information can solidify and manifest.

The ceremony takes place in a protected setting with a maximum of 12 people. Most of the ceremony takes place in nature, as I believe nature is essential to working with San Pedro. Therefore, the ceremony can only be performed when the weather is nice.


Pflanzenzeremonie 2023

The ceremony was beautifully done. I felt accompanied, supported and carried at all times. This trip is one of my most beautiful experiences and I will be able to draw on it for a long time. Thanks! Nina

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