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In my mid-twenties, I realized that I was attracted to the same situations and relationships over and over again. I asked myself why this is and had to admit to myself relatively quickly that there is something inside myself that keeps attracting the same situations - even if I didn't know exactly what was going on at the time.

When I ended up in a burnout a short time later, it became very clear to me: it can't go on like this. I felt a strong desire to heal and come into my power.

That moment was the birth of my journey into spirituality, self-development and healing.

At the very beginning of my healing path, I attended Robert Betz's transformation week, where we spent a week feeling the surpressed emotions with a full body YES. After that week of intense feeling, I felt a small crack in the wall that I had built up around my heart. Up to that point, I didn't even realise that I was completely cut off from my feelings and from my heart. The first rays of my heart were able to shine through this small crack What a revelation!

Today I feel so much more in my heart than I did through that small tear. But that day it was the whole world to me.


Hello and welcome!

I am Ananda. As the founder of Ananda Essence and organiser of the Tantra Festival Switzerland, Ananda have devoted herself to the teachings of tantra with great dedication. Since 2021 she has been teaching tantra in Switzerland and South Africa and accompanying people on their personal path of transformation.

In the Sensual Tantra weekend workshops, evening events and the online course Ananda conveys the profound philosophy, practices and rituals of tantra. Her own journey of healing has shown her the life-changing effects of tantra. From this experience she draws her passion to share this knowledge with you.

For her, Tantra is a spiritual path that helps us become more present, transform old conditioning, and discover our true essence. The result is a deeper and nourishing connection with ourselves and others.

With a background in trauma therapy on her journey of healing sexual trauma, Ananda possesses a solid understanding of trauma symptoms, early warning signs, and tools for regulation. This knowledge is integrated into her courses, creating a safe and trauma-informed space for profound processes.

Ensuring that participants feel safe and supported during their individual journeys is of utmost importance to her.

It is both an honour and a joy for Ananda to accompany individuals on their personal paths of growth and transformation. She is dedicated to standing by their side, providing support in exploring and allowing their inner essence to blossom.

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tantra zürich tantra massage schweiz tantra online kurs

This small first heart opening was the first breakthrough on my healing path.


Then, bit by bit, I uncovered my unconscious programs and beliefs. I found that with my distorted program, I kept recreating my past in my present reality. I learned tools to reprogram these patterns and neutralize the emotional response.

The more awareness I gained of my ego construct, the more power it lost over me. At the same time, I felt that another aspect of me was revealing itself to me: my soul.

The experienced perception of this polarity of ego and soul in me was the second big breakthrough.

From this point on, the identification with my ego and the stories associated with it steadily decreased. I realised that I have a choice as to which pole I give energy and attention to. Consequently, the desire to strengthen the pole of my soul naturally came through.

This was the beginning of the journey back to my soul.


Who am I? Why am i here?

The search for the meaning of life, for enlightenment, for the divine spark within ourselves, for unconditional love became the focus of my attention and search.

tantra zürich tantra massage schweiz tantra online kurs
tantra zürich tantra massage schweiz tantra online kurs
tantra zürich tantra massage schweiz tantra online kurs

Tantra came into my life in 2016. In these spaces I was able to experience so much healing in my sexual trauma thanks to corrective experiences. Learning to be and show myself with all aspects of my being as a practice of authenticity brought me closer to myself. I also learned to recognise my boundaries and communicate them. My intimacy and relationships transformed on a profound level.

The peak of my spiritual journey began with the start of my world tour in 2017. I left everything behind - job, apartment, family and friends - and followed an inner calling. I felt with every cell of my being that there was more waiting for me out there.

During my journey I let my intuition guide me to various teachers, training courses and retreats. This journey represented a massive transformation into a new life and a new being.

After a heavy loss in 2020, I fell into a deep crisis, which also brought old wounds and trauma to the surface. I was confronted with the diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder and then enjoyed nine months of intensive trauma therapy.

Having overcome sexual trauma, as well as the knowledge I gained in this PTSD therapy program, enables me to support participants in their process of healing trauma from a place of understanding and compassion through my own personal experience. The spaces I create are safe and trauma-informed.

tantra zürich tantra massage schweiz tantra online kurs


  • Bachelors in Primary School Education

  • Transformation week according to Robert Betz - 2015 - Germany

  • "The Work" seminar after Byron Katie - 2016 - Zurich, Switzerland

  • 4 cycle seminar with Aneesha from "Tantra Living and Loving" - 2016 - Entlebuch, Switzerland

  • Tantra massage training with Aneesha from "Tantra Leben und Lieben" - 2016 - Entlebuch, Switzerland

  • ISTA Level 1 - 2016 - Ängsbacka, Sweden

  • 200 Hours Yoga Teachers Training in Hatha and Ashtanga with Upaya Yoga - 2017 - Rishikesh, India

  • 6 Weeks Intensive Training on “Soul Initiation” - 2018 - Highden Mystery School, New Zealand

  • Spiritual Sexual Healing Arts Practitioner Training - 2020 - Tribal Tantra, Koh Phangan Thailand

  • Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner Training - Uster, Switzerland - 2020

  • Vipassana according to Goenka - 2016, 2018, 2019 & 2023 - Sri Lanka and South Africa

  • Trauma therapy at the IPW Winterthur - 2021

tantra zürich tantra massage schweiz tantra online kurs
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