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Earlybird bis 10.05.!

A deep transformative plant medicine experience, that will fundamentally shift your intimacy.


Do you want to expand your lovemaking way beyond just the physical realm?

Do you want to feel your own energy and your partner's energy intensely during lovemaking?

Do you want to deepen your intimacy in a profound way?

Do you want to experience a spiritual sacred union?

Then this workshop is for you!

This is a powerful exploration of intimacy with the plant of the Grandfather, taking your intimacy into other realms.

What to expect

The Grandfather brings you fully in the now. Learn to fully drop into the Journey, forgetting the destination.

Furthermore the medicine opens up your channels to experience your own energy and the energy of your partner on a profound level - connecting heart, sex and spirit and bringing them into union within yourself and together.

Experience the pulsation of lifeforce energy in ways you might have thought are not possible - potential to experience heart orgasms, fullbody energetic orgasms or even the kundalini awakening.

Everything is possible.

The result is a deep sense of arriving in your body, an expanded heart and feeling a deep connection with your partner.

San Pedro opens the door to profound connection. Once you have experienced that, the transmission and knowledge can then be brought into all areas of your lovemaking without the help of plant medicine.

tantra zürich tantra massage schweiz tantra online kurs
tantra zürich tantra massage schweiz tantra online kurs

The Workshop Structure

We will start the weekend on Saturday morning with introduction, intention setting, creating a safe space together & guided meditation.

We will then take the medicine and spend some time in nature, bring movement into our body to help our bodies integrate the medicine.

After that we’ll guide you into energetic practices - first with yourself, then with your partner. We will raise the energy, explore and play with it.

You will learn how to penetrate energetically.

If you wish to explore your lovemaking further, the option is available to do so in one of the private rooms, or in the workshop space.

On Sunday morning we will take time to integrate the experience and received gifts.

tantra zürich tantra massage schweiz tantra online kurs

Prerequisites for this Event

  • This retreat is for couples only, and all exercises will be with your own partner

  • You have some experience with either tantric workshops or temples

  • You have some experience with plant medicine (not necessarily with the Grandfather)


Your guides Ananda and Lenerd will transmit this to you in a very practical hands on way.

Eros & Plantmedicine
Eros & Plantmedicine
Jun 08, 2024, 10:00 a.m.

Dates & Times
08. - 09. Juni 2024

Saturday 9.30 to 23:00

Sunday 10.00 to13.00


will be communicated

Food & Accommodation

During the plantmedicine journey there will be fruits and lights snacks available.

In the late evening we will serve dinner.

In the morning breakfast will be served.

There are 3 different rooms available with mattresses (Pfadiheim). If you wish to have more privacy, you're welcome to bring your tent.

Energy Exchange

  • Earlybird Price until Mai 10th: Fr.445.- per Person

  • Normal Price: Fr.495.- per Person


Included in the price:

  • workshop with 2 experienced facilitators

  • plantmedicine

  • the meals

  • accomodation


The Earlybird Price applies if the transaction is made at the latest on the last day of the Earlybird.

*Refund policy

- up to 1 month before the start of the course: full refund

- up to 2 weeks before the start of the course: 50% refund

- up to 1 week before the start of the course: 25% refund

- from 48 hours before the start of the course: no refund

- You are allowed to find another couple that can take your place at the workshop.

tantra zürich tantra massage schweiz tantra online kurs
tantra zürich tantra massage schweiz tantra online kurs

Ananda (Instructor)

Tantra teacher, tantra masseuse

Ananda is the founder of Ananda Essence and the organizer of the Tantra Festival Switzerland. With great dedication she has dedicated herself to the teachings of tantra. She has been teaching tantra in Switzerland and South Africa since 2021 and accompanies people on their personal path of transformation.

In the Sensual Tantra weekend workshops, evening events and the online course, Ananda conveys the profound philosophy, practices and rituals of tantra. Her own journey of healing has shown her the life-changing effects of tantra. From this experience she draws her passion to share this knowledge with others. For her, tantra is a spiritual path that helps us to become more present, to transform old conditioning and to discover our true essence. The result is a deeper and more nurturing connection to yourself and others.

Thanks to her training in trauma therapy, Ananda has in-depth knowledge of trauma symptoms, early warning signs and tools for regulation. This knowledge flows into her courses and creates a safe space for profound processes. For her, it is a top priority that the participants feel safe and supported while they go through their individual process in this protected space.

It is Ananda's great honor and pleasure to accompany people on their personal path of growth and transformation. She is happy to be at your side to support you in exploring your inner essence and making it bloom.

tantra zürich tantra massage schweiz tantra online kurs

Education and Training

  • 4 cycle seminar with Aneesha from "Tantra Living and Loving" - 2016 -  Entlebuch, Switzerland

  • Tantra massage training with Aneesha from "Tantra Life and Love" - 2016 -  Switzerland

  • ISTA Level 1 - 2016 - Ängsbacka, Sweden

  • 200 Hours Yoga Teachers Training in Hatha and Ashtanga with Upaya Yoga - 2017 - India

  • Highden Mystery School- 6 week intensive training on “Soul Initiation” - 2018 - New Zealand

  • Spiritual Sexual Healing Arts Practitioner Training - 2020 - Tribal Tantra, Koh Phangan Thailand

  • Transformation week according to Robert Betz - 2015 - Germany

  • "The Work" seminar after Byron Katie - 2016 - Zurich, Switzerland

  • Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner Training - Uster, Switzerland - 2020

  • Vipassana according to Goenka - 2016, 2018 and 2019 - Sri Lanka and South Africa

  • Trauma therapy at IPW Winterthur - 2021

tantra zürich tantra massage schweiz tantra online kurs


Coach for holistic self-knowledge, transformative processes & shadow work

tantra zürich tantra massage schweiz tantra online kurs

Of the various activities as a nursing specialist, I was particularly influenced by exploring the deeper human abysses in acute addiction therapy. There I accompanied people through their unhealthy behavior patterns. I also went through the training to become a spiritual life coach. Even then, it filled me to support people on their way to being able to live the truth of their hearts more. But what shaped me the most was dealing with my own limiting issues and consciously living through my own pain. So my path led me on further great inner and outer journeys. I lived in Australia, Switzerland and Portugal for several years. Experienced a lot of good things, but also very difficult times, in which I was confronted with my primal pain and the shadows inside me.

Several years of tantric training connected me even more with my true feelings and accepting who I really am. At that time I worked a lot with women, became more refined in my perception and strengthened my presence. I began to focus more on breathing techniques and meditation. In the course of this I met my life teacher Equiano. With him I was able to experience the training to become a coach for holistic self-knowledge. This got a lot going and I couldn't help but give my "inner truth" more space. Even if it meant giving up a lot of "apparent" security, quitting my job, and leaving it all behind.

So I joined the center for holistic self-knowledge and gave several seminars of my own on the subject of self-knowledge and the inner balance of male and female aspects. In addition, I assisted Equiano in more than 25 seminars and accompanied several hundred people in seminars and individual coaching on their journey to their true selves. It fills me with all my heart to participate in this personal and sensitive work and to accompany the participants on their journey of self-discovery and the confrontation with their deepest shadows.

Through years of personal contact and various teachers, I was gradually introduced to the work with plant medicine. Whereby the medicine is never in the foreground, but is an important accompanying tool to bring you constructively and consciously into contact with your shadows buried in the subconscious. For this I consider the preparation and subsequent integration as the most important processes of any medical journey in order to be able to offer more than just a beautiful experience, but rather a valuable experience with the potential to bring about true change in depth. It is important to work through what has been experienced constructively so that, especially when traumatic experiences come to the surface, they can be processed in such a way that they lead to healing and not to further traumatization.

With every seminar and with every coaching I was allowed to grow even more into my true inner freedom and greatness. It didn't necessarily make my life easier, but it made me "easier" and I can now experience my life as more beautiful, meaningful and touching. Since then, my path in life has been shaped by more love and awareness. I was able to experience that freedom does not mean becoming free from your pain, but accepting it, giving up resistance to it, and then lovingly holding it in your hands. So he becomes my greatest spiritual teacher.

For me, living means constantly exploring my own mystery, understanding myself even better and dealing constructively with all levels of my being. My spiritual path has led me to grow more and more beyond my inner limitations and to open my heart anew for every encounter and every day.

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