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Sa., 08. Juni



Eros & Plantmedicine

A deep transformative plant medicine experience, that will fundamentally shift your intimacy

Eros & Plantmedicine
Eros & Plantmedicine

Zeit & Ort

08. Juni 2024, 10:00 – 09. Juni 2024, 13:30

Greifensee, will be communicated


Über die Veranstaltung

Do you want to learn how to expand your lovemaking way beyond just the physical realm?

Do you want to feel your own energy and your partner's energy intensely during lovemaking?

Do you want to deepen your intimacy in a profound way?

Then this workshop is for you!

This is a powerful exploration of intimacy with the plant of the gradfather, taking your intimacy into other realms.

What to expect

San Pedro brings you fully in the now. Learn to fully drop into the Journey forgetting the destination.

Furthermore San Pedro opens up your channels to experience your own energy and the energy of your partner on a profound level - connecting heart, sex and spirit and bringing them into union within yourself and together.

Experience the pulsation of lifeforce energy in ways you might have thought are not possible - potential to expereince heart orgasms, fullbody energetic orgasms or even the kundalini awakening.

Everything is possible.

The result is a deep sense of arriving in your body, an expanded heart and feeling a deep connection with your partner.

The Grandfaher opens the door to profound connection. Once you have experienced that, the transmission and knowledge can then be brought into all areas of your lovemaking without the help of plant medicine.

The Workshop Structure

We will start the weekend on Saturday morning with introduction, intention setting, creating a safe space together & guided meditation.

We will then take the medicine and spend some time in nature, bringing movement in our bodies to help the integration of the medicine in our bodies.

After that we’ll guide you into energetic practices - first with yourself, then with your partner. We will raise the energy, explore and play with it.

You will learn how to penetrate energetically.

If you wish to explore your lovemaking further, the option is available to do so in a private room or in the workshop space.

Prerequisites for this event

  • This retreat is for couples only, and all exercises will be with your own partner and not with anyone else.
  • You have some experience with either tantric workshops or temples
  • You have some experience with plant medicine (not necessarily San Pedro)

Your guides Ananda and Lenerd will transmit this to you in a very practical hands on way.

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